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August 2005

I'm sure many won't believe this, but this story is entirely true. I've always had a curiosity concerning the supernatural. My mom has told me stories of the unusual that have happened to her. I always wondered how I would react if something ever happened to me. Now I know.

I moved into my house five years ago with my two children. It had belonged to my sister and her husband. Before, it belonged to my brother-in-law's aunt, Vivian. She had passed away in the house a few years prior.

The house is not large, but it is surrounded by large, historic homes. It is an old house, living room, den, and two bedrooms connected by doors. In the center of the house is a fireplace with openings to each room. The openings are now closed up. I hope the description of the house helps.

Vivian loved children, but never had any of her own. She lived quite a long time in the house by herself. Her neice had a child that she loved very much. I guess she loved mine once we moved in.

The first incident occurred not long after we moved in. I was going through a divorce and it was just me and my children. One night, they were fighting with each other really bad and I raised my voice and threatened to spank, which never happens, but saying it usually works. I walked into my bedroom and noticed the cabinet doors above my closet were wide open. These doors are very old and are the hardest things to open with both hands. I almost fell off a ladder trying to open it one day while I was packing up winter clothes for the summer. After that, every time I raised my voice to the children, those doors would open.

My second experience happened to me while I was alone. I believe the children were with their father for the weekend. I stayed up late that night. I walked into the kitchen and was prepared to open the refrigerator door, when I noticed hand prints glowing on the door. There were also streaks as if the hands ran its fingers down before laying it still. The streaks were vertical, so I know it did not come from the street light through my blinds (my blinds are horizontal). The bulb from the street light is an orange color and the glow on the refrigerator was white. My mom told me that she believed it was Vivian just watching out.

My sister had an experience in the house prior to my taking over the house. The previous Christmas, my parents gave my sister a musical waterglobe that had a lighthouse on it. She had not wound the waterglobe but the one time on Christmas day. My dad said the song had the words "by the sea" in it. Late one night, her dog had been startled awake. My sister listened to see what could've done it. The waterglobe had begun to play. Vivian had been cremated and her ashes scattered in the sea (a breeze came up at the same time and blew some of the ashes back on my brother-in- law).

The last time anything happened was when I married my current spouse. He began to find scratches on his back and awoke to someone touching him while I was in the kitchen one night. I looked around and said "Cut that out Vivian." Since then, everything has been quiet.

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