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Voice in the Dark

Tae, Alabama, USA
September 1999

When I graduated high school, I worked at an museum/amusement park in Alabama. I worked as a ride operator, which was a really great job except for one thing: one of the rides was supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a worker that had been killed in the building where the ride was housed, several years before I began working there.

The ride was a large round spinning room in which centrifical force pushed you back against your chair and pushes the chairs off of the floor on a track. The room got very dark and a strobe light flashed on and off while a video played. The guy who was killed had been walking along the wall during the height of the ride and he fell through the wall and was crushed between the spinning wall and the stationary wall. I never knew much more about what happened to him, but I never felt comfortable being alone in the building.

One evening, right before the park was about to close, I was running the last flight of the day, and there was only one little boy on the ride. I decided to climb into a chair across from him to counter balance the weight so that the room wouldn't wobble. I started the ride and fastened myself into a seat and the ride began to move. When the ride was at full speed, 3Gs were pressed against my body and it was hard to move my arms and head around (your pretty much stuck to the seat at this point) all the chairs were up in the air around me and everything was going fine until my chair suddenly dropped back to the floor and the force on my body lessened and I could move around normally. I looked toward the little boy and he was still in the air and pretty much oblivious to me, so I started to turn around to see if something had happened to my chair. When I turned my head, I heard a intelligible voice behind me. Now, normally this wouldn't bother me, but there is no possible way that anyone could have been behind me. Behind the chair is the spinning wall and beyond that was the wall of the building. You'd better believe that I hauled butt out of that chair I had been in and when I took one step away from that chair, the G force slammed me into the chair beside the one I had been sitting in. Somehow I pulled myself away from the chairs and back into the control panel. I stopped the ride early and I never went into that thing alone again as long as I worked there.

I found out later that many other workers had had weird experiences with the same ride as I had. It sounds really bizarre, but I swear it happened!

Tae, Alabama, USA
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