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Voices of Malice

New Hampshire, USA
June 2000

I am from a small town in New Hampshire. I lived in a complex of townhouses about 10 years back. I was about 9 or 10. Two rather disturbing events occurred in about a span of two weeks.

My cousin, a friend, and I were walking through one of our favorite spots in the forest. Things always seemed a little funny there. Like something wasn't right. Suddenly, a voice shattered the silence in the woods. "Leave my woods, NOW" I fought of my instinct which told me to run like there was no tomorrow. I searched the area along with my fellow persons. There was not a person in the area. The voice was loud, and had to have been close. We could not pinpoint a direction, it seemed to be an omnidirectional sound. The voice sounded it's command once again. Upon realizing this was no human pulling a prank, we finally decided to run away, VERY fast.

I put the experience behind me, and continued my everyday life. One day, as I sat watching a stream with my friend next to a railroad pass, the voice returned. "Voodoo, VOODOO" was all it spoke. Again, the voice seemed to come from all directions. I must admit, my inspection of the surroundings was not so thorough this time, but I am nearly 100 percent sure this was no human.

Weeks later, three disturbing facts hit me. An empty lot of land across the street, was actually an ancient Indian burial site. (I live in Milford, New Hampshire, if you wish to check my relevancy on this fact, please do so.) A pet cemetery also exists about a mile down the tracks. I also heard stories of a rapist who used to lay in wait along the tracks. Seeing as this voice I heard was deep, and sounded VERY much like that of a Native American, I assume this was the spirit of a long dead Indian man. I DO plan to go back to my former residence, and give this area a thorough combing. To this day, thinking of what may have happened if we didn't run scares me. Thank you for your time.

New Hampshire, USA
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