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Wandering Lady and Randoms

August 2004

This is about a house I lived in for most of my life, from birth up until about 6 months ago. It was a Victorian house, dating from around 1890.

For some reason, this house sometimes gave me the creeps, I mean it was a nice house, quite big rooms etc. but sometimes there would just be something about it that would make me feel uneasy.

For as long as I can remember, I've hated walking down the stairs. To clarify that a little, the stairs would lead up from the bottom floor, and there was a bedroom, then to the left were 2 more steps leading up to the other 2 bedrooms and the bathroom.

Walking down with my back to the bedroom at the top of the first "flight" of stairs, I would regularly come flying down those stairs as fast as I could, even at the grand old age of 18 that I was when we moved out, because I could feel something behind me, and whatever it was (I've never found out) was NOT happy that I was there!

As for actual sightings of the "supernatural" kind, I only actually ever saw one thing for sure myself. I would often watch TV in my parents room when I was younger before going to bed, and one time I was lying on their bed, not really watching the TV just thinking, when I looked into the corner of the room and saw what I would describe as a maid in the corner. She looked around 20, had auburn long hair, pulled off of her face with a lacy hairband type thing, she was wearing a dark blue dress with a white frilly apron type thing over it. Being only about 7 at the time, I did the best thing I could think of, which was to throw the covers over my head and refuse to move until my parents came up to bed, who knows how many hours later!

My mum told me recently (note: not when I was younger, as I was completely scared stupid of the house being haunted as it was and she thought it best not to tell me this then!) that for the first few years the family moved in (my brother, sister and parents, then I was born 2 years later) things would forever go missing. Rings, keys, anything. The thing she mostly remembered, because she thinks the lady was just playing tricks (more about the lady later), was when she was going to the shops and checked the cupboards for what we were missing. Even though she could remember buying a new box a day or 2 before, she saw we had no teabags. So off we went to the shops and when we got back my mum went to put everything away in the cupboards, and found the box of teabags right at the front of the cupboard, even sticking out slightly from everything else. It couldn't have been any of us kids moving it as my brother and sister were at school, and me being 18 months old wasn't really capable of reaching that high.

My mum would also quite regularly see a lady in black walking through the back room, and stopping at the in built cupboard as though she was looking for something. I also remember being very young and seeing shadows of people walking through the kitchen and disappearing through the wall where the door was. They were always really vague, but definitely human shapes.

The strange thing is, one of my sisters lives in that house now and she rang us just after she'd moved in saying "You never told us this place was haunted!" my dad asked her what she'd seen, and she said "A lady dressed in black, she wanders through and stops at the top of the stairs, looking as though she's searching for something" Keep in mind that this is my half sister, my mum is her step mum and they don't really speak, and never in depth, so she couldn't just be repeating what my mum has already told her.

Strangely my mum only ever saw her in this one place, downstairs. Whereas my sister sees her only ever upstairs. Who knows why she's moved, maybe the disturbance of us moving after so many years has confused her.

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