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Was It Mum?

April 2003

Believe what you will of the following things that have happened to me, I have spoke about them with my friends who have often tried to explain away what I have seen, including my own dad!

My mum died nine years ago, when I was 15, we had often spoke about what happens to you after you die, and mum had promised to look out for me when she was gone.

There are a couple of things to mention before the big story, just things that seem to be relevant.

I mentioned that mum said she would look out for me, and keep an eye on me...well I was 17, two years after she had died, when things began to happen.

I was in my room with my boyfriend of the time, my dad and brother were out, when I looked up and saw my mum standing at the top of the stairs, as you can imagine, it gave me a bit of a fright, she wasn't a dark figure, but was full of colour, and standing smiling. I didn't mean to scream but I did, and mum vanished, I guess she realized she'd given me a scare.

Dad came home two hours later, and tried to explain it away as a trick of the light...he couldn't convince me.

The second time, about three months later, I saw my mum again, she appeared to me while I was talking to my best friend on the phone,(who also happens to be my mums best friends daughter.) To cut a long story short, we were talking about my mum, when I could sense someone else there, I was again in on my own. I jokingly said hello mum, and a shadow appeared in the doorway...I checked to see if my brother or dad had come home to play a prank on me, but nobody was I just put it down to mum checking up on me again.

The main events took place three years later, I hadn't had a visit from mum since the day on the phone, and I had moved away to university. My dad had a new partner and my brother had also left home.

Basically, I'm not a tidy person, but one night at university I had gone to my room early to search for a lost letter that my mum had written to me before she had died, and was determined to find it. I tried to no avail, but in doing so ended up tidying my room. I know you're all thinking there's nothing strange about that. The thing is I was so proud I'd tidied my room, I showed it off to my flat mates, who can vouch for it's tidyness. So I went to bed, annoyed that I had not found the letter.

I awoke the next morning to hear paper falling, opened my eyes and my room was a mess, and the letter I had been looking for was on my pillow next to where I had been sleeping.

I asked my housemates had they heard anything, they hadn't heard a peep. So I phoned my dad to ask if I had ever been found sleep walking. He told me that only once when I was very young and on holiday. He asked me why, and I explained what had happened. Dad sounded a bit flustered and said he would call me back. Now I just thought that he was busy doing something and didn't have the time to talk then, but half an hour later he called back, and this is where it gets really strange.

Several things had been happening at home, my mum and dad had these large wardrobes, the doors had been flying open when my dads partner was in on her own, even if my dad locked them and took the keys to work with him, the light bulb in the front room would explode and then the temperature would drop in the house, the dog would go crazy and run into the yard. One day my dads partner had a drawer in her hand, it had a few things of my mums in, when it flew from her hand.

My dad had never believed in things like this, but this was enough evidence for him to warrant a reaction. It sounded as though things were upsetting my mum, so she let everyone know about it. My dad told me he would ask the priest to come round and bless the house and mum, and we left it at that.

A week later I was with friends and just burst in to tears for no reason, I called my dad, who confirmed that the priest had just been round to the house and had finished saying a prayer for me and the rest of the family right at the time I had burst into tears..

I haven't seen my mum since then, but I have often smelt her perfume and sensed someone watching me when I've been really happy or really down.

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