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Was it Protecting Me?

Maggie, Birmingham, UK
May 2004

This story happened about 2 weeks ago, but let me give you a little background first though.

I am a carer and I am also a biker (very important later in the story) I usually leave for work at about 4am, I'm used to it because I've been doing it for a while, I just get on my bike and go.

The night before IT happened I was doing the dishes and just had an urge to look out of the window (it was about 8pm) and then I saw it.... a creature with glowing red eyes, I couldn't see any other part of it only those eyes. I quickly closed the blinds and went upstairs. I was a little freaked out but managed to get to sleep. When I awoke at 3am it was still dark, I went to the kitchen and opened the blinds. To my horror it was still there. I was not at all scared of it now, it didn't seem so frightening, I just stared at it while I drank my tea wondering why it had come to me. Anyway I went outside and it was gone, so I started my bike up and left.

I was traveling for about 15 minutes and had an urge to look behind me..... I almost lost control of my bike as I realised it was behind me, a little to the right, keeping up with me (I was going about 50-60 miles an hour) still with those red eyes looking at me. Then all of a sudden I got this feeling of dread overwhelm me, I dont know why but at that moment I slowed down. A few seconds later, about 100 yrds ahead, I saw a car loose control and go hurtling across the road. If I had not have slowed down when I did I would have been hit by that car.

No one was hurt in the accident, but I would have been killed. When I looked back at the creature, it smiled then it was gone.

I haven't seen the creature since nor have I driven fast again. I dont know weather it was trying to save me or kill me, I dont know weather it was the creature who gave me the dread feeling or some other force but I do know I wouldn't be telling you this story if fate had gone in another direction. If anyone has a similar experience or can tell me what happened, please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little story, it is completely true. I hope you like it, this was my first paranormal experience and I had to share it with people who believe.

Maggie, Birmingham, UK
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