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Weird Bedroom

August 2002

I have had some experience with the supernatural throughout my life. I grew up in haunted house and have had experiences at other places as well.

This story is about an apartment where I lived when I first moved to the area in which I currently reside. What set this apart from my other experiences (excluding the house where I grew up) is the frequency with which things occured. For the record, I always try to rule out any "rational" explanations if at all possible.

I had just moved into an apartment with my then boyfriend. The apartment was located in a back alley of a quiet neighborhood and was in a brick building that resembled a warehouse from the outside. Our apartment was on the second floor.

It seemed like things usually occured when I was home alone and often centered on our bedroom. When my boyfriend would go to visit a friend of his in a neighboring town, sometimes he stayed the night. At these times, I would walk past our bedroom door and hear the sound of very deep breathing coming from inside. This happened often when the windows were closed, and at the time, there was no way for anyone to get close to our windows anyway. This freaked me out and I started sleeping on the couch in the living room with the light on when I was alone for the night.

One Saturday morning, my boyfriend had gotten up to go to the gym early while I slept in. Our bedroom door was shut and a fan was running. I heard above my head as plain as day 3 knocks on our wooden headboard. That kind of got me up pretty quickly.Another night right around that time, my ankle was grabbed while I was trying to fall asleep, with my boyfriend sleeping right next to me. I distinctly felt a hand grab my ankle- it was not my imagination because I had just laid down and was not even close to being asleep yet.

Also, in this bedroom, whenever I talked, my words sounded like they were being spoken through a screen pressed against my mouth- they were kind of fuzzy and echoing and distant sounding. It's hard to describe.The visual I got was of what it would sound like if you talked through a veil to another dimension.

In our hallway, every time I stood under the light to check out my outfit in the full length mirror, the light above me would begin to flicker noticeably. This never happened to my boyfriend.

I know these are kind of tame experiences but when I put them all together, they seem like more than coincidence. I was never able to explain any of them.

Thanks for reading.

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