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Weird Experiences

Giovanna, MD, USA
April 2011

I have always believed in the paranormal ever since I was younger, and my beliefs only grew over time. Right now I’m a teenager, and this experience happened to me in 2006.

I was staying at my grandmother’s apartment for a month, like I normally did back then. And we went to wash clothes like we always did on a Wednesday or a Thursday, but this time we went on a Sunday.

It was very bright outside, the Laundromat was inside her building at the very bottom, right down the hall from the main lobby and rental office. The Laundromat had the only public bathroom in it, and there was only one toilet and one sink, so one person at a time. Me and my grandmother were taking the clothes out of the washing machine and putting them into the dryer, and we didn’t go back up the apartment which was on the 10th floor.

But we stayed and waited in the Laundromat. As we were sitting there, a heavyset woman rushed into the Laundromat. I wouldn’t have paid attention if not for her abnormal clothing, everyone else that was waiting was wearing normal clothes for today, except for her. She was a leopard print coat (like the ones from the 1970s) and it came all the way down covering her entire body, and a hat with a flower on it. The only weird thing was, she was rushing in a way that was surprising for her weight, she looked to be about 400 pounds. And the only other thing was that I don’t remember her having feet, and I made sure to look down at her feet, as I looked at everyone’s feet back then.

Though she didn’t have feet, they might have been covered by the coat. And she rushed into the bathroom and shut the door loudly. Ten minutes turned into 20, 20 into 40, and so on. Until our clothes were done, and that bathroom door still hadn’t opened. And we put the clothes into the basket, and I told my grandmother I was worried about the "weird looking lady". So she went and told one of the guards that had a key to the bathroom, and he went and checked, 5 minutes later he came back, and to my shock and awe, said that no one was in there. And I know for certain that that bathroom door never opened, not once. I had kept my eyes on it throughout that whole time.

To this day that still haunts me, because when she rushed passed, the entire atmosphere changed. But I’ve just come to pass it off as someone who died probably in the 1970s, maybe of a drug overdose, because that’s what that area was famous for back then. Anyway, I had fun sharing the story, and I’ll post more when I remember more.

Giovanna, MD, USA
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