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Weird Train Experience

September 2005

Hi! I've been coming to this site for some time now, just reading stories and the like, and decided to include one of my own, not necessarily completely scary, but odd enough.

Well, this story took place at a train station up the road from where I live in Telopea (a suburb of Sydney about 15 mins nrth of Parramatta). To get to the TAFE college that I was studying at in Bankstown at the time (catching three trains, it sucked), I had to go to this train station everyday, and during times of the day when there weren't normally that many people around.

Something to note about this train station is that it's tiny, one platform, one track kinda thing, not on a main line, with one train going up and down at time, a journey it makes once an hour in non-peak times, and once every half hour during peak times. As I said I was at this station everyday, and apart from being very lonely and devoid of human life, it wasn't a particularly scary spot.

The day that this oddity occurred, I was sitting on one of the seats in the sun, and I had just put a CD into my discman, and was listening to music, minding my own business, and waiting for the train, the only other people on the station being the Station Master who was in his office, and an Asian couple up the other end of the station, minding there own business like I was. So sitting there, I noticed all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye a man standing to my right, slightly behind me, staring at me. He was about 25-30 yrs of age, blonde, wearing khaki coloured shorts and a blue check shirt (not unusual clothes just ill chosen :) ), and he was just standing there, staring at me and smiling, with this look in his eyes of relief. As I noticed this, I thought to myself 'what the hell is this guy staring at?', so as one does, I turned to look at this guy and ask what the hell his problem was when in the less than a second it took for me to turn my head, he had disappeared. 'Thats odd' I thought to myself, not really considering who it might have been, until I got on the train, and remembered that some years back, when I first moved into the area, a man had been killed while crossing over the line (you have to walk across it to get to the other side rather than over it via a bridge), which is why there are now alarms that flash and make really loud noises when a trains approaching from with direction.

Could it have been this man trying to get in contact with someone that could see him (both my parents are very sensitive, as is my brother and I), hence the look of relief on his face?. I guess I'll never know, because despite wanting to, I've never seen him since.

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