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Wendigo in the Quantico Highlands?

October 2022
Quantico, VA, USA

While undergoing military training in Quantico, Virginia, in 2011, I was sleeping in the field with the rest of my platoon. We used to, somewhat jokingly, call this training area the "Quantico Highlands." During this training, we would often sleep in the woods for a week or so at a time.

One night, probably around 3:00 AM or so, we were awoken by the sound of some bipedal creature running and shrieking by our site. None of us was able to get visual contact, but what we heard was nothing like any creature that lives in these woods. It was going far too fast, sounded way too heavy, and was too loud to be any normal bird or critter that lives around here. Our first thought, collectively, was that perhaps it was one of our instructors playing a trick on us. But that thought was quickly debunked just based on the speed and the noise. There is no way a human could have made that awful blood-curdling dinosaur-like shriek.

The next few days, and upon returning from the field, it was a hot topic of conversation. One of the individuals in our platoon suggested, based on his reading and understanding of American Indian lore, that it could have been a "Wendigo." To this day I have never seen or heard of anything else that would perhaps meet the description better.

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