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Were We Alone?

Linda, Ontario, Canada
May 2002

For some reason every house we move to, turns out to be haunted.

My ghostly encounters mostly took place in Hull, Quebec. It all started when my family and I moved into a 3 bedroom townhouse in September of 1996. We loved the house because it was very spacious, and very attractive, the first few days were exciting because my brothers and I were exploring our new house, trying to find trapped doors, or any other hiding places we didn't know of. About a week later it all started...

It would be the middle of the night and we would hear plates falling on the floor, laughters, footsteps, bangs on the wall, lights turning on and off...... I did not dare to go see who or what was doing that, but that's nothing compared to what happened next...

One afternoon my sister and I stayed home alone because we did not want to go out with our parents, so we decided to stay. I remember being on the upper floor in my parents bedroom, I was arguing with my sister because she did not want to help me clean up (our parents asked us to clean their room).

The door was closed and unlocked, in all our arguing and cleaning and hitting each other, we heard someone trying to open the door but for some reason they couldn't open it, which is totally weird because it was unlocked, we automatically stopped what we were doing, because we knew that no one was home with us! A few minutes later (after IT was trying to open the door) we heard kicking and scratching on the door, my sister and I were paralyzed, not knowing what to do we just stood there waiting to see what would happen next. About 2 minutes later my sister got courage and opened the door (I ran right after her), NOTHING was there. We decided to look all around the upstairs level, everything seemed to be normal; the washroom lights were off and the door was open as usual (keep this in mind), since we saw nothing strange, we decided to head downstairs, my dumbfounded sister went to the basement to get her rabbit because we wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible!

After we got out of our house, we were just sitting on the front porch, when again my dumbfounded sister needed to go to the washroom, since we were still horrified from the experience we had a few minutes earlier, she wanted me to go with her. We walked in, we were about to step on the first step when we noticed that the washroom door upstairs was closed and the lights were on, we knew we weren't going crazy, we were sure that we had left the lights off and the door open, right after we noticed that, we heard the toilet flush, the lights turned off but the door remained closed. We stood there watching, when we heard footsteps coming down the stairs, straight at us! NOTHING WAS THERE! (we looked at each other in shock, knowing we both heard the same thing) right after we heard about 3 footsteps, some kind of inexplicable ghostly figure appeared, and it came down faster and faster, at first we were paralyzed, couldn't speak or move, then my sister grabbed my arm and pulled me and we started running, we ran as fast as we could out of the house. We didn't go back in the house until our parents came home, and we couldn't sleep alone in our rooms, so we all slept together in our parent's room.

A few weeks later we moved away to where I live now (Toronto, Canada)

This is NOT the only thing that has happened to us, but it is the most scariest one of all. Thanks for reading.

Linda, Ontario, Canada
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