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Werewolf On The Dirt Road?

Allen Currie, Kansas, USA
May 2001

I have been reluctant to tell this story to anyone except my grandmother and my sister. I know a lot of stories start this same way with the authors saying I've only told this person or this other person, probably for the sole reason of being ridiculed. Maybe I don't tell it for this reason, but I feel it is more because of the fear and the questioning of the unexplained that it stirs in me when I ponder the event.

I'll start my encounter now:

It was the end of summer in 1996, probably early September. I lived in a medium sized town in Kansas closely bordering Missouri. I had gone to a friend's home about twenty-five miles into Missouri. He owned a large farm where the closest neighbour would have to be at least four to five miles away. We spent the evening watching movies and talking. It was late, around 12:30 or 1:00am when I decided to make the trip home. For some reason I decided to weave the many dirt roads that are scattered throughout this area home, instead of the short trip to the highway that leads straight to the town I live in. I knew I had to travel slightly south and west and did the zig zagging accordingly.

I had just turned onto a road to head west. I had no more than finished cornering when I saw something in the middle of the road ahead about (guessing) 100 to 150 yards,..just beyond the reach of my headlights, just a shadow figure. No alarm though. Out here you become quite used to seeing things in the road at night, like cows, horses, dogs, deer and the like. So I proceed slowly knowing I will have to maneuver around it. As I approached it, I thought to myself this is a really big dog just standing in the middle of the road. As I closed in I realized it wasn't a dog and it was no creature I had ever seen before. I'm not really questioning what I'm seeing yet as it is one of those events where I'm like?HUH? I have slowed some but still just not knowing what I'm seeing. I'm close enough that I can see detail and now I am shocked. The only way to explain what I saw is to ask if you have seen the movie American werewolf in London? When the guy was in werewolf form? I swear this is what I was seeing. It was narrower though and taller and it's hair was red and yellowish. It had the most evil face and mouth, and the mouth was wide with teeth that were all like long sharp looking k-9 teeth. It was the eyes that held my attention, they were blood red, not glowing, just red and pure evil and hate. I stopped immediately and just froze for what seemed like minutes but I'm sure was only seconds, starring petrified at it.

The thing stands up on its back legs and its arms are very long (not proportional to it's body) and they are more human looking than animal. I'm terrified and have the feeling this thing was waiting there and knew I was coming, I don't know why I think this but still believe its true. I threw my truck into reverse and sped back as fast as I could and still keep control. As I slow to make the corner I look ahead and it hasn't moved, if it would have been running at me I think I would of died of terror. All I can add is this is true. I have tried to remember all the details to give a good perspective of what I encountered.

If you happen to be driving between SE Kansas and Missouri, stay in your car and keep driving, and if you see a shape in the road, maybe you should just turn around.

Allen Currie, Kansas, USA
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