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What Could it Be?

May 2000

I find the paranormal world interesting but I am not easily convinced that things happen without a valid verifiable reason. However, since we moved into this home 10 years ago, I have experienced something that is very disturbing. It doesn't happen frequently and it always begins while I am sleeping. I can't explain it but I sense it before I actually see it, therefore, I know when it is coming and from what direction it will come. The sensation is so intense that it wakes me up (I am an extremely sound sleeper). It usually travels up the wall and comes down at me from the ceiling. On a few occasions it has come directly at me from the wall. Once I realize it's coming, there is nothing I can do to stop it. So before it reaches me, I throw the covers over my head and begin telling myself there isn't anything that could possibly hurt me. Am I dreaming? Possibly, but I sincerely doubt it. You see I am nearsighted and cannot see farther than 10 inches away without my glasses. When I am dreaming I can see perfectly and this entity is always out of focus. I can tell that it is about the size of a basketball, black and moves very fast (like a bug). What is it? I can't say, but when it's in the room I am overcome with an intense feeling of death, darkness and fear. Throughout the whole episode I feel that if I were to actually see it, I would die (which is another reason I throw the covers over my head). Could it be stress related?

Well, I only experience this at home. I have been on business trips, vacations and stayed with relatives without incident. I should note that I don't take any medications or drink alcoholic beverages. Also, the temperature in the room remains the same and this entity has never touched me in any way. My husband is completely oblivious to the whole thing and thinks at times that I am crazy.

Perhaps it has something to do with the location of my house. It is adjacent to (if not built in the middle of) the Wilderness Battlefield in Spotsylvania, VA.

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