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What Is In The Closet?

Andi, PA, USA
August 2010

This did not happen to me, but happened to my friend. Let’s call her Bree, she claims this happened, and so did her sister.

Bree says that one night at 1:27 she heard a loud thump, like someone fell, coming from her closet. She just stared at her closet for a couple minutes. When she worked up the nerve, she got up and walked to closet, opened the door and she didn’t see anything out of ordinary except for a really big wrapped up 'present' (she had only little presents in there ready for Christmas). She said she poked it and it moved just the tiniest bit and heard a gasp like someone just come up from the bottom of a 25 foot pool. She got scared and ran to her bed and pulled the covers over her face. Bree soon fell asleep.

In the morning, Bree found her room a complete mess! Everything was just thrown around. She got really mad and ran to her sister's room (let's call her Kat) and asked why she messed up her room. Kat swore she didn’t do anything.

A week later at 1:27 at night Bree woke up again to see all her papers and posters all flying around the room (not really flying, more like someone was throwing them all around)and Kat came in, screamed, and ran out of Bree's room.

Bree says that the day she moved into her house a lady came to her house and asked her parents if it was true that Mr.Gamio was killed. Her parents said they didn’t know who he was and they didn’t know if he was killed. The lady just walked away saying "What a shame."

Bree says that every second Thursday of the month she hears that gasp and a week later the papers fly.

Andi, PA, USA
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