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What Seth Saw

Steven, MI, USA
October 2000

This story is related to a story I submitted previously:"That's not Seth!"from February 1998.

This story took place in the same house near the University of Missouri at Columbia campus. In fact the house is right beside the dorms of Stephens College. I do not recall the address of the house as this took place in 1992.

Five buddies of mine were living in the house and as soon as they moved in, the landlord told them the place was haunted. He said a previous occupant had hung himself in the basement. The basement had a cellar and it was full of doors that had been taken off the hinges and leaned up against the walls. The landlord said the guy had done himself in inside the cellar. I suppose he thought young college boys would not be intimidated. Well my friends may not have been intimidated but they each had some fairly spooky events happen to them.

"Kyle", our resident Psych student said he was sitting in the living room one day and talking on the phone when he saw a "figure made of smoke" drift across the room. He said he told his friend on the phone what he was seeing as he was seeing it.

"Julie", said she turned on the lights to a guy's room and they did not switch on. When she looked to the fixture she saw a pair of glowing red eyes. Well of course she screamed and ran.

I've done much paranormal research and red eyes tends to indicate demonic activity.

The guys were sitting in the living room one evening and listening to the stereo. They were enjoying music by "The Doors" when something attacked the stereo. They said something knocked over one speaker and pushed the other across the floor. Again they were not frightened. They all just sat up, looked at each other and went:"Whoooa! No way!".

Well my close friend Seth finally had a very frightening experience. Some readers may be familiar with night terrors and being "petrified" with fear and the like. I have experienced this one.

I awoke one night in horrible fear. I do not know if I had just had a nightmare or if I sensed something awful and frightened me but I was so afraid I could not move or speak. It's a pretty terrible thing to go through. All you can do is lie there until you fall back to sleep. Well Seth awoke one night in that state and he knew what he was afraid of. There was someone in his room. These guys tended to just leave the front door unlocked so Seth put a pad lock on his door's inside. He knew he had locked his door and awoke with someone in his room anyway. He saw a figure standing about in the middle of his room. He knew he was seeing the ghost as he could see the light from his aquarium directly behind the figure. Seth said he was petrified with fear and did not remember anything after seeing the ghost. Seth had not expressed much fear of the ghost until after this event. Perhaps it was the night and darkness. Maybe it was because he was alone. Or perhaps he had something to fear from the ghost itself.

Steven, MI, USA
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