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What The Knock On The Basement Door Led To

Maddy and Kaylee, NY, USA
January 2005

My friend and I were babysitting 3 children (2 two year olds who are twins, and a 5 year old). They have two black labs and one white kitten. There was only one floor to the house plus a basement. It was about 8:30 around the kids bedtime so they were asleep. So...we were downstairs in the basement watching TV when all of a sudden someone knocked on the basement door. We went to see who it was, but when we got to the door nobody was there, so we just forgot about it and went back to watching TV. Out of nowhere we heard footsteps upstairs, but we thought it was the pets so we just ignored it. But 10 minutes later we heard someone scream, we immediately ran upstairs because we though it was one of the children who was screaming. We were right, the 5 year old was laying on the bedroom floor shaking with fear. I tried to turn the light on but the bulb blew out. I picked her up and took her out into the living room where there was light and my friend went into the twins room to make sure they were ok. I questioned her if she was ok and she told me she saw a black figure but she couldn't make out what it was, then she started screaming as the figure heard us coming up the steps and vanished.

My friend came back out of the twins room and said they were asleep and they were fine. After that I picked up the phone to call the children's parents to see if this had ever happened to her before. I dialed the number but when the mother answered, the phone immediately went dead and had no ring tone. I though something was just wrong with the phone so I tried calling the parents with my cell phone...but the exact same thing happened again. We had no clue what was going on, we were totally freaked out but we didn't say anything in front of the 5 year old because we knew she would've been even more petrified.

We tucked the little girl back in bed and told her that everything will be ok. Someone drove by the house beeping their horn, we looked out to see who it was and it looked like a black figure staring at us. I turned to look at my friend and she looked at me then we both turned our heads at the same time to look back at the car. But when we look we noticed the car was no longer vanished!!! We screamed so loud that all of the children woke up and started crying. I ran into the twins room this time and my friend ran into the 5 year olds room, and I rocked the twins back to sleep.

When they were finally asleep I went into the 5 year olds room because I noticed that she was still crying, but not as loud as she was at first. When I came into her room she ran to me and hugged me, I asked her why she was still crying and she said she thought it got us. I asked her what it was that she thought had "got us" and she said "the black figure". I told her it was fine and nothing was going to get anyone. So we both stayed in the room and waited for her to go to sleep, but she couldn't, she said that she usually goes to bed with her dogs and kitten but they ran out when she first screamed, so my friend stayed in the room with her and I went out to look for them.

I first went down the basement and there they were laying there so I got all three of them and brought them upstairs into the 5 year olds room but before I got there I saw a black figure run into the basement. I thought I was just seeing things but I still ran into the 5 year olds room. I then brought everyone into the twins room so everyone could be together and so the 5 year old could go to sleep. I heard the phone ring and my friend and I both looked at each other because the phone didn't have a dial tone before, we had the phone with us because I keep checking if the dial tone came back but the last time I checked it didn't. By now we were even more scared but I picked the phone up and I said "hello". No one was there, so we waited until they called again. About 20 minutes later they called again and I picked it up and said "hello". This time it was their mom who asked us if everything was alright?. I told her about the night and asked her if this had ever happened before and she said "no". I told her I was scared so she said she would be home soon and the phone went dead again. This time there was a dial tone. I told my friend all about what the kids mom said. Before my friend could say anything the phone rang again. This time my friend answered, and she said, "Hello" the person on the other line said, "You'll be having company soon, so stay in the house. See you soon bye." And then the person who called us hung up. After that I called the children's mom and told her what had just happened. I could tell she was really worried that something was going to happen to us, but she didn't say it because she probably didn't want us getting as worried as she was. She just told us that she was going to call the police and tell them what was going on and then they would come to the house and try to figure out what was going on. Then I hung up. About 10 minutes later the police came and everything was under control, the 5 year old finally stopped crying and the twins were now awake because the cries of the other child woke them up. The parents weren't going to be home until the morning around 11:00am so we just took the children to my house so they could get some sleep and we didn't have to worry about anything freaky happening again (well at least for tonight).

We didn't get anymore phone calls from people we didn't know, but what still freaks me and my friend out is that we never found out who or what the black figure was, and no one in the neighborhood has ever seen anything like it.

To this very day we haven't experienced any thing like this again but we are still really freaked out.

Maddy and Kaylee, NY, USA
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