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What Was Following Us?

Kaela, MN, USA
October 2003

I would like to share one story that I can still remember every detail of.

First off, I've had my share of 'paranormal' experiences, but this particular time was one of the most intense.

I was at my friend Jesi's house one Friday night, nothing out of the ordinary in itself. We were sitting at her kitchen table, home alone. Her kitchen table faces the hallway that is rather long and branches off into other areas of the house. Our conversation was interrupted by a loud noise that sounded like someone was throwing things around in her little sister's room. She went to go check it. She came back and reported that some totes were knocked over and the contents were all over the room.

Ok, no big deal to us at that point, we were used to this kind of thing...we were interested in it and had had "visits" before. I felt something staring at us from the hallway and told her that I was getting un nerved by it. I turned to look at her, but saw that she was not looking at me; instead she was staring into the hallway. I asked her what she was looking at but she seemed to shake it off and look at me. I could tell she wasn't going to tell what she saw. Our conversation had long since ended, and we were just sitting there staring at the hall. I had had enough of it, in my head I asked whatever it was that was just hanging out in the hall to show itself to me, please. I saw a dark shadow/silhouette appear in front of the bookcase then fade away after I could feel myself starting to panic. I couldn't see its face but I got the definite feeling it was male. After that we confessed that we had both seen it.

Before all this started our conversation consisted of me asking her when the last time she saw her "grandmother" was. Her "grandmother" is a spirit that protects her; I think it is her spirit guide. I also think that she is Jesi's Grandmother from another life. The spirit is and an elderly Indian woman, and she showed Jesi how she died in her past life as a young Indian girl who fell off a cliff. (which is odd because she is Irish and German) She comes to her in her dreams, materializes herself in times of trouble, and also let's Jesi know when she is there.

She decided to call her dad at work and find out what to do. He told her to sprinkle sage and tobacco in all the doorways. That would prevent "him" from entering any of the rooms. We still didn't want to be there with "him" wandering the halls, so we got Jesi packed up and decided to walk over to my house to spend the night. I live about three blocks away and we got onto the first block when I felt this very intense feeling of being followed. It was like it would let itself drift back and then come rushing up to us so fast with a feeling so intense that it would take our breath away. I looked back and I saw it sort of zoom up and stop at the back of her head and hang over her.

By this time, we were clinging to each other and trying to keep walking and not run. We decided to go back to her house to get baggies of the sage and tobacco. We turned corner and made a Z going back to her house, crossing to a street so that we would pass a bar where there were people going in and out. Once we hit the bar, we felt as if we could breathe again, we got strange looks for clinging to each and breathing heavy, all while looking like what must have been to them that we were afraid they might murder us.

We finally got to her house and I waited on the porch with "it" while she scrambled to get baggies. With baggies in hand we made it to my house. I still had the feeling that it was following, but when I mentioned this but Jesi told me I was imagining it. I dropped it and was happy to see my house. We entered and realizing that no one was home promptly turned on all the lights and turned on some music. We sprinkled it in all of my doorways and tried to go to sleep after a few hours. The next day Jesi confessed that she saw it again after we got in my door, she said that he was just kind of standing on my back deck, staring, almost smacked up against the door. She described him as having shoulder length brown hair that was stringy, as though it might be wet. He was dressed in all black with a black hooded sweatshirt with no discernable facial features. I'm really rather glad that she didn't tell me this. I wouldn't have known what to do. I would like to add that a few days later we were yet again sitting at her kitchen table with another friend, and I saw "grandmother" walk down the hall.

I thank-you very much for reading my story. I apologize for its length; I wanted to make sure I included everything. If anyone has had any similar experiences, or has any ideas about what it could have been I urge you to contact me via e-mail. Thanks.


Kaela, MN, USA
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