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Who's That Man Upstairs, Mummy?

Monni, Queensland, Australia
November 1999

These experiences here happened to me around 1990 - 1992, and are completely true.

The house in which these occurrences happened is in no way your "typical" haunted house, it could not have been more that 30 years old, and I have never found a reason or explanation for the things that happened.

When my mother married my Step-father, she and I moved into his 2 story house in an upper-middle class suburb of Brisbane. We had been living there for a few years, when Mum had her second child. I was 10 years old. Nothing strange happened until this time.

Up till then I had always been a brave and outgoing child, I was never afraid of the dark or being left alone. One night, however, as I was turning the corner to go upstairs to bed, I was paralysed with a hideous fear, I quite literally couldn't breathe I was that frightened. There was no physical reason for my being afraid, it was just a feeling that took over me. I felt like someone or something with less than nice intentions was watching me. From that day forward, I could not be alone in many rooms of the house, especially not at night.

Things got stranger, however. I would be lying in bed, and I would hear footsteps up and down the stairs, bangs on the walls, lights would go on and off; and I would ask my parents in the morning if they were walking around after they had gone off to bed, and they said no.

One night, I remember waking up hearing REALLY loud thuds on the stairs, like something was being slowly dragged down them. The stairs were designed so that as you came up them, my parent's room was off to the right, and my and my brother's bedroom was off to the left . . . so I could never run to my parents room without facing whatever it was that was making the noises on the stairs.

One night, as I looked into the bathroom mirror, a dark shadowy figure moved behind me. I looked back behind me, and of course, nothing was there.

My dog would often start a barking frenzy in the middle of the night, the way he would when someone was in the yard.

This continued for some time. My little brother, when he learned to talk, would occasionally ask Mum "Mummy, who's that man upstairs???" . . . when we all knew that there was no-one there.

The incident that creeped me out the most actually happened in the middle of the day. I was in the front room watching TV, and through our gauzy curtains, I saw a man walk through our gate and into our yard. I ran and told Mum and my step-father. They went into the yard and all up and down the street; they looked everywhere . . . but there was no-one to be found.

We have since moved. I never found any reason for the strange occurrences that occurred in that house. I hope you enjoyed my story, and please remember, that all I have written here is completely true.

Monni, Queensland, Australia
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