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Who Was Down There?

Saba, UK
May 2005

Hi, my name is Saba and I'm 12 years old. My experience happened about 6 months ago in my Dad's old factory. I will start by telling you a bit about the place.

Before we bought it, the factory was a funeral directors place and it had been used to perform post mortems. It has 2 floors and needed a lot of work done to it. It was split in two. The front of the factory was rebuilt whereas the back of the factory was used to store machinery.

As my mum, youngest sister and baby brother were going out to town, me and my sister decided to go to the factory just to mess about and explore. The back of the factory was really cool. My dad had found safes back there with antiques such as rifles. We went right to the very back and were completely amazed when we saw that my dad and a worker had pulled back some loose floorboards and discovered some stairs leading down to a whole new floor. There was nothing much down there except for smashed wine bottles and bits of paper. We were both daring each other to go down but neither of us had the courage. Finally I gave in and began to make my way down the stairs. Nobody was with us at that moment and we were in pitch black darkness. All of a sudden I heard a scuffling sound coming from below us, under the floorboards a blue light suddenly made its way up the stairs, so my sister and I ran like hell away. Something unexplainable had been let out. We rushed up the stairs out of there. When we looked back shelves and shelves of goods were being knocked down.

That night there was a fire. Fortunately it was put out quickly. At home, I felt a heavy sensation in the air. I pulled the covers up over my head and eventually fell asleep.

Thanks for reading!

Saba, UK
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