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Who Was in My Bed?

Jennifer, California, USA
September 1999

Over the years I have had several paranormal experiences that I felt in some way or other might be explained away (sleep paralysis, childhood dreams, etc.), but something happened to me two nights ago that I cannot begin to explain.

My husband and I were getting ready for bed; I had gone into the walk-in closet of our bedroom to change out of my clothes while he turned out the lights and did one last 'check' on our children. I had my back to the closet door; the closet light was the only one on - I hadn't turned on the bedroom light. As I was hanging up my clothes I saw my husband come into the bedroom, just on the very edge of my peripheral vision, and I heard him walk over to his side of the bed (which is closest to the closet) and lie down. I finished what I was doing, reached behind me to turn the closet light off (I'm not a prude, but let's face it, a post-childbirth body ain't a pretty sight and it certainly isn't one I like to 'show off' to my husband!), and once the light was off I walked out of the closet, around the foot of the bed, and got into the bed on my side. I settled in and started to ask my husband a question.........when I looked through our bedroom doorway and saw him walking through the living room. I sat bolt upright when I realized what was going on and I yelled for him. He came in immediately and turned on the bedroom light, but of course there was nobody in that bed besides me. No sign of anyone having been there, either. I cannot explain this, but SOMEBODY was in that bedroom with me. It was not my imagination (I have a pretty wild one, too, and believe me, I know the difference!!), and I was needless to say wide awake.

Jennifer, California, USA
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