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Who Was Pushing The Wheelbarrow?

Libby, California, USA
November 1997

This event happened to me when I was 7 years old (about 31 years ago) and was witnessed by my sister who was 11.

When my great-grandmother passed away she willed her house to my mother (she raised my mother and adored her). It was an old old two bedroom house with a large dinning room which was converted into a bedroom for my four brothers, my sister and myself (yes we were a big family). My sister and I shared a twin bed that was set up along side the window, which lay low, even with the bed. The driveway ran along the same side of the house and was made of rock cement with grass in the middle.

We had this old wheelbarrow which had only the metal rim for the tire. For entertainment we would push each other in it up and down the driveway. My sister always put me at the foot of the bed next to the window. It was summer time so all the windows in the house were always open. Late one night, I was awakened by a strange sound. I wasn't sure what it was, but it was coming from outside next to my window. As I lay there listening, I recognized the sound. It was the wheelbarrow being pushed very slowly back and forth next to my window! You could hear crunching as the tire rim ran over the pebbles on the driveway. I was so scared that I couldn't move. I didn't even dare open my eyes. What was even more frightening was that the screen was all torn. The bottom portion and most of one side was pulled away from the frame. I kept feeling as if someone was about ready to reach in and grab me. I finally got up enough courage to pinch my sister so she would wake up. She was such a sound sleeper that it took three tries. On the third try, I pinched as hard as I could. Finally, she awoke and asked me what the heck was I doing. I immediately said "shssssss!" to her and in a very very low voice told her to listen. I opened my eyes to look at her and all I could see was the whites of her eyes. Boy were they big!! She whispered to me that on the count of three, we would run to our parents room. I don't remember if we ever got to three, but as soon as I felt her move I jumped up and we both ran. We were pounding and pounding on our parents door when my mother finally asked what we wanted. We told her we heard a noise outside and that we were scared. My step-father opened the door and we jumped on their bed, shaking and crying. We told them what happened and my step-father grabbed a bat and ran outside. When he came back in he said he checked the entire surroundings of the house and didn't see anything. I asked him if the wheelbarrow was in the driveway and he said no, he didn't see it anywhere!

The next morning we found the wheelbarrow in the backyard. I don't know what or who was pushing that wheelbarrow, but it's something I will never forget!

Libby, California, USA
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