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Why Then And Now?

Jackie Crockett, CA, USA
July 2005

Ilove Urban Legend and Ghost stories my dad would tell me around the base I live on and ones that my friend experienced. I always wanted to see a ghost like the Samurai that haunts a tunnel along Gridley Lane... I never thought I would experience one in a house I grew to love.

My family and I moved into one of the town house in 1989 and that was where my siblings and I grew up in for the last 15 years. The house: 78 Jones Avenue had three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs and a laundry room, kitchen and living room/dining room downstairs. And being the middle had to share a room with my sister and brother or sleep downstairs.

It also became a second home to my friends and a place to hang out and probably the only place my friends spent most sleep overs at.

Never in all our time in that house had had my family or I noticed anything out of the ordinary... until last year.

It was my last year of High School and about every weekdays when I spent my time downstairs (there was hardly any room in the room my sister and I shared) while my mom would be in her room watching TV or taking a nap and my brother would keep to himself in his room. As I'm doing my thing in the living, I would hear the stairs creak. Though the stairs aren't made of wood you can hear a person make noise on them as they're coming whether they're wearing socks, slippers, shoes, or bare feet (I only hear them creak when someone's coming down not up them) I would turn to look as the stairs is next to living room and thinking it's either my mom or brother coming down for something I would go back to what I was doing.

When I would see neither out the corner of my eyes, I would dismiss it as my imagination... only to find my dad hears those stairs creak. By the time I Graduated and the school year started again my dad was getting ready to retire (he was getting fed up with the Navy) he told me that when everyone else was out of the house minus him and me, he heard the stairs creak and thinking it was me called my name, only to get no response back so he went to see I was still asleep as I'm not a morning person and wake up before the afternoon.

He even said he was going to set a camera in the bathroom (it faced the stairs) and try to catch something but the stairs didn't creak when the camera was there.

One afternoon, my whole family was out and I was alone in the house. I sat at my favorite spot on the couch near the entertainment center; I was on my laptop chatting with a friend that had moved 4 or 5 years ago on MSN. Out of the corner of my left eye I saw the bottom of a white dress and white socks or slippers stopping at the other side of the couch in the glass. I looked up and saw nothing and I look back at the glass and it was gone, I found this odd and told no one but my friend on MSN.

One day, my dad was taking his time off work, we were both in the living room watching TV, when we heard the stairs creak, I guess it became a habit to turn to see who it was when we remembered that we were the only ones home, my dad turned to me and asked "Did you hear that?" I nodded and told him about what I saw.

We moved out of that house and into a new one... and I keep hearing things and experiencing things.

I had once asked my dad why we were the only ones experiencing these things and he said it was probably because we had near death experiences.

Thank you for reading this.

Jackie Crockett, CA, USA
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