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Kim, Victoria, Australia
February 2004

I grew up in a town called Melton everything was fine and normal for the first 7 years of my life until one night I woke to find a "person" standing in my doorway to my room.

I thought it was my brother, swore at him, and told him to go to bed. I watched as he turned and walked into the kitchen and simply vanished.

In the morning I told my mother and she said it couldn't have been my brother, he was at a friends place and it was probably Wimpie. When asked who "Wimpie" was, she told me that he was a friend of my fathers and didn't want to talk about it.

Things started to get strange after that, we moved house and the first night in there a photo we had hanging on the wall hovered out from the wall and dropped. There was 4 other people with me at the time and we thought our eyes were playing tricks on us. We put the photo back on the wall and the same thing happened again. We tried putting it in different places around the house yet it just kept hovering about 10cm away from the wall and dropping onto the ground. We all decided to leave it and go sit in the kitchen.

My mum had returned home by that time time and she told me to put a new globe in the outside light as it was blown. No sooner as she said that the blown light came on and it was so bright it lit up the entire backyard. It lasted for about 15 seconds then nothing. By this time we were all pretty freaked out but it didn't stop there.

Doors slammed shut, the oven turned on and off repeatedly, footsteps were heard running over our roof and a whirly wind appeared in our dinning room. Then nothing.

Needless to say we didn't spend the night there, but in the morning, when we got up my mum explained to me it was only Wimpie.

Wimpie had been my dad's best friend who was killed in a car accident and my dad always blamed himself for it, and this was just Wimpies' way of telling him not to.

Since then things have quietened down, but I still hear him at night sitting on the couch and opening a can.

I know he will stay with us for as long as it takes dad to stop blaming himself.

Kim, Victoria, Australia
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