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Wolfie and the Upsidedown World

Colorado, USA
January 1999

Let me first start off by saying I've always been a person who can "see" paranormal things. I can communicate with my mother without talking, I can "sense" the character of people I meet, and I can definitely "feel" things around me. Various occurrences have been witnessed by myself, but there are two such occurrences from my youth that haunt me to this day (I am 24 years old). Wolfie and the Upside Down World.

When I was about four years old, my favorite story was The Three Little Pigs. I was always so frightened of the Big Bad Wolf. At night I would imagine he was outside of my door. Then, one night he actually was. Like I said, I always had the intuition to "see" things, and I had seen ghosts before this night. On that particular night however, the Wolf was outside of my door, I could hear him breathing and calling my name. I passed it off as a dream, but as it continually happened night after night it got progressively more real.

One night, I saw him. He had hideous fangs and this devilish grin, and the reddest eyes. I ran to my parents room to jump in bed with them. I was screaming. There was such a commotion my parents met me half way between the rooms screaming, thinking I was hurt. My parents actually thought someone had broken in causing all of the commotion, and when they checked where I had ran from, the area looked like it had been destroyed by a tornado. It had not been destroyed by me, for I had not touched anything. They even had to call the police, as it was thought a burglar had entered our house. It was Wolfie.

From that night on I never saw him again, but the memory still enters and terrorizes my mind to this day.

From that night on, it seems like the ghost manifested itself in a different form. I used to play the "Upside Down World" and pretend I was upside down walking on the ceiling. Well at night, I would wake up and everything would be upside down from my field of perception. I could look down and see my bed, my room, everything. As with the wolf, the realism to the events got progressively more vivid. Until one night, I was in the Upside Down World, and looked down at my body sleeping, with Wolfie next to it with most sinister grin!

We forget most of our childhood memories, and we definitely forget all of our dreams. These events were no dream, and are still in my memory like they happened yesterday.

Colorado, USA
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