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World War Two

August 2006

I had just moved from America to England. I was thirteen years old and was excited to start at my new school. However from the first day things were strange.
Whenever my history teacher was talking about World War Two, I could hear a running commentary correcting what she was saying and daring me to tell her. I would constantly reply and people would give me strange looks as they couldn't understand who I was speaking to.
One day our teacher was talking about the horrific ways some people were killed in the war when I heard someone say, "Suffering, let's show her real suffering!" Then I fainted. When I came round I wasn't myself. I would talk about wartime memories that I hadn't learnt. People thought I was strange and I was sent to a counselor who seemed to recognize the facts I was telling her! She researched the local area and found out that during World War Two an aeroplane had crashed on what is currently my school field and a man had died. She showed me a picture and I smiled as I knew this was the person... or ghost that had been haunting me.
A month later, 53 years to the day that he had died, I snuck into school at 10pm and placed a bouquet of white roses on my school field. The next morning the roses had gone but sprayed onto the field in white paint was the message... Thank You! I never know who wrote that but I think it was my ghost. After that the hauntings stopped.
I still get flashbacks from this man's life but it isn't so bad. I've learnt a lot and it has helped me gain an interest in World War Two. I just hope wherever he is, the man is peaceful and happy now!

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