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Would You Believe It?

November 2006

In 1984 my Mom and I had recently moved back to Michigan to a town my Mother had previously lived in. She rented a duplex apartment on the outskirts of town. There was a large front yard with a river running through the back yard and somewhere to sunbathe.The apartment had two small bedrooms upstairs. After you walked in the front door to the right there were wooden steps leading to the bedrooms and solid walls on each side until you walked half way up.Turning left of that was a small loft bedroom, just a railing separated the top of the steps and the bedroom. There was a second bedroom directly at the top of the steps in the back also. I took that room for myself. It was the only bedroom with a door.

It was summer time so the heat was very intense so my friend and I hung out inside and listened to music. We were 12 then. My friend and I were heading upstairs to my room to listen to some music. It was around 8:00 or 9:00pm, not completely dark but dark enough without a light, it was hard to see. Me with my friend standing beside me, opened my bedroom door. There on the edge of my bed was my 4 foot Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls with there EYES GLOWING RED!!!!We looked at each other, scared out of our wits. I quickly slammed the door and we both ran downstairs. After we stopped running we looked at each other in disbelief. We were so stunned we couldn't explain what we had just seen. It wasn't mentioned again.
After that, still not knowing what to think except for I was never stepping foot in the room again. After that night I started sleeping downstairs in the living room.
After getting some courage back up I decided to try sleeping in the front loft bedroom, as long as that back bedroom door stayed shut.
The first night it was hard to sleep knowing what I had seen in the back bedroom, but I lay my head down on my pillow and tried not to think about it. Before I knew it I was asleep.
My bed was against the far wall as it looked out two windows side by side where the street lights gleamed in and cast shadows of the window frames behind my bed on the wall. I was staring out the windows thinking my mind would ease itself some and between the two windows I saw a figure of a man's human head with a top hat. It was creepy, it never moved but was only there when the lights were off. I looked for anything in my room to maybe explain what it might be casting a shadow from, but there was nothing to cast a shadow.
Every night for a week I kept seeing this shadow. It spooked me so much that I finally started sleeping downstairs the rest of the time we lived there.
What I still can't comprehend is how that human head with a top hat could have been there. It couldn't of been a reflection from the widows, the shadow would of been behind me.
We haven't lived there in a long time and I haven't had any more sightings since then.
I don't think that is something I will ever forget.
Would You Believe It?

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