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You're Never Alone

Logan, Canada
November 2019

Ever since I was little, I could feel something strange in my house. Sometimes, it would just be random noises in the night, other times voices at the bottom of the stairs. I never really thought much of it, until I got older. Around the age of 9 or 10, I was in the washroom. I had just washed my hands, and went to look up into the mirror. When I did look up, I made direct eye contact with a boy in the mirror. He looked so life like. I felt a calm energy wash over me. As i tried to say something, he disappeared. I even remember myself whispering, "Come back."

Over time, I forgot about that experience. Until, I started to hear the footsteps. I would hear people walking up and down the hallway. Sometimes fast, like running. Sometimes slow, like an older person walking. I would always feel uneasy when hearing these. It felt like they were coming for me. I had almost forgotten about all of these, until I resaw what I think was that boy. I was looking at this big family photo we have in our living room. It had a bunch of quotes and picture of past family members on it. As I was looking at it, I let my eyes wander to the reflection off the glass. The glass showed the reflection of the living room. At that moment, I saw a tall figure standing in the dining room. Just as I noticed it, it seemed to turn around and ran into the kitchen. I was so terrified, I ran upstairs into my room and locked the door. Ever since then, the voices that I can hear from the basement have gotten louder and the walking has moved into my room. I can hear them walking around my bed, as if circling me. As humans, sometimes we feel so alone, but I know that I never am.

Logan, Canada
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