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Young Boy In My Basement

Lanna, South Dakota, USA
August 2002

I promise you that what I am about to tell you is the honest to God truth.

When I was living at home with my parents, my bedroom was in the basement. When I was young, I remember being extremely frightened of the basement. There was one instance when I was younger that I went downstairs to play in the toy room by myself. We had a large piano in the room as well. I was all alone playing, so I know it could not have been anyone trying to scare me, but all of the sudden I heard the piano play a few notes. I looked right at the piano instantly and when I saw that no one was around I screamed from the depths of my lungs and ran upstairs. To this day, I still have no explanation for that experience.

Another odd experience happened one summer when are basement flooded. There was about an inch of water covering the floor in some areas and others were dry. My mother was trying to clean up the mess and I was trying to help. We both ran upstairs to get some more towels, as the ones we had were completely soaked. when we returned, there were small child sized footprints coming from the wet areas of the floor to the dry.

I have had two more experiences since then. These two are the most frightening.

On one particular evening, me and my boyfriend were in my room talking and joking around. I called him a bastard, in a joking manner. approximately one minute after I had called him that we heard a small boys voice outside my bedroom door say "bastard". We both looked at each other when it happened, not thinking the other had heard it. From the odd looks we were both giving each other, we came to the conclusion that we both had heard it. There is no way it could have been an echo because there was just too long of a pause. No one else was at home at the time either, so it could not have been anyone else. We checked the house over and over and couldn't explain what had just happened.

My final experience happened one night as I was sitting in my room doing some homework. I was just simply sitting on my bed studying when all of the sudden I felt a breathe over my back right shoulder. I can't describe the feeling except pure coldness. From research I have found that this is supposed to mean that a spirit is perhaps angry at you. I will never forget the feeling.

I know these stories aren't as frightening as some out there, but I can ensure you that they are 100% the truth.

To this day, when I go home to visit I am always frightened of the basement, despite the fact that I haven't had any unusual experiences since I moved out.

Lanna, South Dakota, USA
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