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A Depressed Visitor

Joseph Masaitis, PA, USA

This is something that happened to me a few years ago.

I had just got back from a 2 week vacation from my Aunts house. For some reason I had trouble going to sleep. I would just get up and sit there in my bed all night. I also lost all my hunger. I would take two bites of my food and be full. At first I didn't think anything of it. I thought I may have just been sick ,but things got worse. I would wake up at all hours of the night and feel as if someone was watching. This would give me a very depressed feeling. As I sat there crying I would think of things like my family dying. You know, all the stuff that makes you sad. Well, it got so bad that I had to have somebody watch me all night just so I could get to sleep.

This went on for a month or so until one night I got up and went into my sister's room (which was right across the hall). When I got up she was sitting there pale as a sheet with the light on. I asked her what was wrong and she told me this. She said in the middle of the night someone was calling my name. At fist she thought it was my brother, but why would he be saying my name in the middle of the night. Well, after an hour she said the voice got real evil sounding and everything was levitating in the air. She said that she yelled go away to the spirit. luckily nothing has happened since that night.

After that she confessed on to bringing the spirit in the house . She and her friends brought the spirit from the other side and the spirit followed my sister all the way home. At first the spirit bothered my sister because she was the youngest, but when I came back from my vacation I was the youngest one in the house so it turned and preyed on me.

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