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A Strange Fog

Rachel, Washington, USA

It was the summer of 96', and I was about 14 at the time. Bored as I some times get, I decided to walk over to my friends house, who lives two blocks away. Once there we invited a couple of other friends over, just to hang out, there ended up being three of us. My friends mom was out at the store and her dad was mowing the lawn so we were alone inside the house. We were all sitting in the living room, talking about nothing and watching T.V, when I saw a white fog floating through the room coming from the hallway which led down to the two bedrooms. It headed towards the kitchen. I was totally freaked, I mean fog just does not appear out of nowhere and float through a house. So I turned to my friends and asked if they saw the fog, and they said no. I'm sure they thought I was crazy, but what happened later made them believe.

Later on after we had all forgotten the incident we heard the phone in the kitchen dialing over and over. But no one else was in the house, it was just us three. I jumped up, and started to run towards the door, but instead of leaving we all decided to first go see what it was. Walking into the kitchen we saw that the phone was at least 4 inches off the receiver and it was still dialing. After that we all took off running out of the house. I went home and my friends dad went inside to check it out. He said he saw nothing.

As time went by other strange things have happened there, but as for me, I stay home when I'm bored.

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