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A Truly Weird Experience

Amy Smith, Arkansas, USA

One Friday night my parents went out with a couple of their friends. Not wanting to be alone all night I called my best friend and asked if she wanted to stay over. We watched t.v. and talked for a while and pretty soon we grew tired so we decided to call it a night. Being a light sleeper it only took the closing of a door to wake me up. When I could see clearly I noticed a light from under the door of my parents room. Thinking that they had come home, I went to wish them a good night. I knocked on the door but got no response so I called for them but still I got no response. I decided to go in anyway. When I entered the room there was no sign of my parents or anyone else for that matter. Suddenly I felt a cold chill and a weird feeling came over me. I was totally terrified and couldn't move an inch. When I finally got the chance I ran back to my room, flipped on the light, and quickly woke up my friend. We stayed awake until my parents got home. I told them about my experience and they said that they have never seen anything in the room before. From then on I haven't gone into that room by myself.

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