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The Amityville Horror - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep17

Updated: Feb 28

The name Amityville literally translates to “friendship village”—but because of the tragic murders that took place in that Long Island community in 1974, and because of the bestselling book and blockbuster movie that followed, that name has taken on a definition with decidedly sinister connotations. Now, when people hear “Amityville,” they think “horror.” But is that association warranted? Was the house at 112 Ocean Avenue truly a nexus of demonic activity? Or was it all just a brilliant hoax cooked up by George and Kathy Lutz to capitalize on a tragedy? Listen in as we take a deep dive into the facts, fiction, and mythology surrounding the Amityville Horror. Listen to Episode 17 here.


Castle of Spirits Library

The Real Amityville Horror (documentary)

That's Incredible! (segment)

My Amityville Horror (documentary)

112 Ocean Ave. (on Zillow)

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