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Banshees, Reapers and Salmon Mousse - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep11

Updated: Feb 28

Listen to a first-person account of a run-in with a Banshee in Dublin, Ireland—followed by the sighting of a roadside hooded ghost in Wales.

If that's not enough to chill your blood, ghostkeeper Jane describes her own encounter with a mysterious dancing light during a cemetery ghost hunt in the 90s.

"It flew around in front of us and looped through the air," she says. "Then it went down to the grass and disappeared, and popped back up somewhere else. It wasn't an orb. It wasn't a firefly. It flew right over the surface of my hand. It was still daylight enough that if it were a bug, I'd have seen it..."

This prompts ghostkeeper Vince to ask why any spirit would choose to haunt a creepy graveyard instead of someplace more familiar—to which Jane offers an explanation intensely perceptive and equally terrifying.

Next, the ghostkeepers read listener email and share the news of a group of high-school students in Colombia who became severely ill after playing with a Ouija board on school grounds.

Listen to Episode 11 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast here.


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