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Duendes and Dark Skies - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep14

Updated: Feb 28

A woman in rural Texas is tormented by mysterious gnome-like creatures called Duendes.

In New Zealand, a young man is haunted by the specter of an unwelcome visitor who takes up residence in his home.

And podcast co-host Vince is awakened in the middle of the night by a phantom touch at the foot of the bed.

Three paranormal stories, all true.

Creepy things are afoot both in and out of the Castle, and in Episode 14 of the podcast, ghostkeepers Vince and Jane endeavor to get at the root of all things frightful and phantasmic.

Listen to Episode 14 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast here.


The Long Dirt Road: Another Encounter (story)

El Duende (article)

Dark Autumn Skies (story)Automatic Writing (article)

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