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Encounters with Bloody Mary - Castle of Spirits Podcast Extrasode 01

Updated: Jan 2

In this bonus episode (what we're calling an "extrasode"), we share three true encounters with Bloody Mary, as submitted by website visitors and podcast listeners. Included: "My Sister's Slumber Party," where a fun night of creepy tales ends in the arrival of a shadow person. "Just a Legend?" shows how easily a simple conjuring ritual can go awry. And "Bloody Mary Experience" tells the story of two old friends who take a trip down memory lane by invoking the name of one of the most terrifying urban folklore luminaries of all time. What could go wrong? All of it. Listen to the Castle of Spirits Podcast Extrasode 1 here.


My Sister's Slumber Party (story)

Just a Legend? (story)

Bloody Mary Experience (2) (story)

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