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Ghost Lights - Castle of Spirits Podcast Ep16

Updated: Jan 2

Ghost lights are a timeless phenomenon that has inspired innumerable urban legends and quite possibly entire belief systems. But what are they? Castle of Spirits Podcast hosts Vince and Jane explore this fascinating topic with their unique approach to the unexplained. Listen to Episode 16 here.


Ghost Lights of Buck Hill Road (website)

ParaResearchers of Ontario (website)

The Ghost Train Light of St. Louis, Saskatchewan (video)

St. Louis Ghost Light Caught on Video (video)

The St. Louis Ghost Train (video)

The Tlahuelpuchi of Mexico (article)

Will-o'-the-wisp (article)

The Min Min Light of Australia (article)

The Aleya Ghost Lights of West Bengal (article)

Naga Fireballs (video)

Ghost Lights of the Smoky Mountains (video)

The Marfa Ghost Lights (Unsolved Mysteries segment)

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