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Haunted Hospitals - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep12

Updated: Feb 28

Why are hospitals so often the scenes of ghost sightings and paranormal activity? Can the phenomena be blamed on the spirits of those who died there? Or is there something more to it that paranormal researchers are overlooking?

Tune in to Episode 12 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast to hear hosts Vince and Jane ruminate on emotional vortices, energetic epicenters, electromagnetic nexuses, time slips, and more.

Plus, the ghostkeepers dig into the Castle’s extensive library of true paranormal stories for two classic reader-submitted accounts: “The Ghost on the Cancer Unit” and “Haunted Hospital.”

And finally, a security camera in an Argentinian hospital captures a security guard’s encounter with the spirit of a recently deceased patient.

Listen to Episode 12 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast here.


The Ghost on the Cancer Unit (story)

Haunted Hospital (story)

El Fantasma del Sanatorio Finochietto (video)

Castle of Spirits YouTube Channel

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