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Haunted Lakes - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep21

Everyone knows houses can be haunted. But what about bodies of water? In this episode of the Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast, we dive deep into a handful of legendary lakes that are as renowned for their storied pasts as they are for the ghosts that dwell beneath their surfaces. Listen to Episode 21 here.

Links: SS Edmund Fitzgerald (Wikipedia) The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot (video) Meet Old Whitey, the Preserved Corpse of the SS Kamloops (article) "Old Whitey" Continues to Haunt Lake Superior Divers (article) Kamloops (video) Lake Lanier (Wikipedia) A Georgia Lake's Dark and Deadly History Has Some People Seeing Ghosts (article) Secrets and Legend All a Part of the Lake Lanier Folklore (article) The Lady of Lake Lanier (article) The Bell in the Sea - Marillion (video) Higbee Beach’s Ghostly Grave (article) Mysteries of the Great Salt Lake (article) Historic Ranch Leaves Visitors Uneasy, Touched, Even Scratched (article)

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