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Haunted Objects - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep20

Paranormal lore is rife with tales of haunted objects, and in this episode we dig deep into the historical record to cover four cases of physical items said to be possessed of the supernatural, including: a doll that requires frequent haircuts, a mirror that reflects the faces of its past, a painting that emits the voice of a weeping man, and a positively homicidal three-hundred-year-old chair. Plus, ghostkeeper Vince shares his story of owning a cursed Hawaiian coconut head. Listen to Episode 20 here.


Dead Man's Chair (Wikipedia)

The Deathly Stoop Chair of Thomas Busby (article)

Unsolved Mysteries - Chair of Death (video)

Thirsk Museum (website)

Myrtles Plantation (Wikipedia)

The Anguished Man (Wikipedia)

The Anguished Man (YouTube Channel)

Okiku, The Japanese Haunted Doll that Puts Chucky to Shame (article)

The Most Haunted Japanese Doll That Grows Real Human Hair - Okiku (video)

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