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Legally Haunted: The Ackley House - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep23

There's a charming old house in Nyack, New York, that's unlike any other in the country. Sure, it's haunted. But that's not all. It also bears the distinction of being the first "legally haunted" house in U.S. history. Built in 1890, the home once owned by George and Helen Ackley was the subject of a legal precedent now commonly called "the Ghostbusters ruling," which declared it illegal to sell someone a haunted house without warning them about it first. In this episode of the Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast, we pay a virtual visit to the Ackley House and learn all about the ghostly inhabitants whose posthumous occupancy resulted in a landmark court ruling. Listen to Episode 23 here.


Our Haunted House on the Hudson (Reader's Digest story)

Stambovsky v. Ackley (Wikipedia article)

1 La Veta Pl (Zillow listing)

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