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Let's Talk, Ouija Say?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Hello, you beautiful beings and spooktacular specters. Ghostkeeper Jane here. I'm excited to announce that we are preparing for our very first themed podcast episode! I bet you can't guess what the theme of this episode will be, can you?

Do I have to spell it out for you?

Oh, alright...

Ah, yes. The infamous Ouija Board. Love them or hate them, chances are you've got an opinion about them. You might even have had an experience or two!

In this special Ouija-themed episode, we're going to be talking about the history of Ouija and opinions, theories, and studies about how it works. We'll also be telling you our personal Ouija stories and experiences, as well as reading you some stories from the Library archive. But we want you to play too! We want to know whatever you want to tell us about Ouija! Such as:

  • Your personal experiences with a Ouija board, good or... eh... not so good

  • Ouija stories your great aunt's half sister's best friend's daughter told you 8 years ago

  • Your silly stories around Ouija (did the Ouija embarrass you? did you prank someone?)

  • Your opinions on how or why it works (is it spirits or is it science or is it silliness!?)

  • Interesting tidbits of Ouija trivia you know

Send us whatever you have through The Lounge and maybe we'll share it on the podcast! We want to make this a rich and exciting episode, and we need YOUR help to do it!

The Ouija Board podcast episode will drop on November 8th, but don't wait. Get us your stories today!

Check out the CoS Podcast on our website or wherever you get your podcasts.

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