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Meet the Ghostkeepers - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep01

Updated: Feb 28

In which we venture forth on the hunt for restless souls and things that go bump in the night...

For the inaugural episode of the Castle of Spirits Podcast, we find ourselves on previously untrodden ground—braving cold drafts and navigating dimly lit corridors on the hunt for things that go bump in the night.

There are many, many rooms in the Castle. Some have not enjoyed living human occupancy for decades. Yet we, the newly appointed “ghostkeepers,” are determined to investigate them all. Because that’s what you do when you’re handed the keys to an age-old castle you’ve always wanted to explore.

Amid our virgin voyage, we find ourselves at the Castle library, where we entertain the restless souls by reading several of our favorite true ghost stories from the voluminous archives of reader-submitted accounts: “The Crying Woman” describes a possible run-in with the infamous La Llorona of Mexico; “A Bed With a Beating” tells the peculiar story of a haunted bunk bed; “Weird Cemetery Encounter” recounts the sighting of a mysterious graveside dancing figure; and “Racing the Devil” features a terrifying car-chasing roadside apparition that’ll give you cause to think twice about ever taking a late-night drive again.

As you might imagine, reading such spine-chilling paranormal accounts offers the ideal entry into conversations on topics both quirky and freaky, including possessed pillows, toy stores with ghostly occupants, the ancient Taotao Mo’na spirits of Guam, and late-night drives through California’s notorious Blood Alley.

Listen to Episode 1 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast here.

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