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The Legend of Bloody Mary - Castle of Spirits Podcast Ep15

Bloody Mary is a frightening and exhilarating rite of passage for children all over the world. But it's much more than a simple game. It's a divination ritual, one most effectively performed in a darkened bathroom with a mirror, a candle, and a small group of friends. And unlike the average children's game, it invariably ends in screams of terror.

Often attributed to such infamous historical luminaries as Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Mary I, and Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Blood Mary is known by a variety of monikers: Mary Worth, Mary Jane, Mary Whales, Svarte Madame, Black Agnes, Toire no Hanako-san, and Hell Mary.

But is the legend actually based on a real person? And what are the possible scientific explanations behind the phenomenon that so many people report having experienced?

In Episode 15 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast, ghostkeepers Vince and Jane endeavor to answer these questions by uncovering the who, why, and how of this enduring figure of international folklore. Listen to Episode 15 here.


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