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The Ouija Board Special - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep10

Updated: Feb 28

Join Castle of Spirits ghostkeepers Vince and Jane as they take a deep dive into the history, mystery, myths, and misconceptions of the Ouija board.

Are Ouija boards dangerous portals for demonic spirits to gain entry into our world?

Or is it a harmless parlour game that got a bad rap thanks to popular culture?

Is there really something otherworldly controlling your planchette?

Or is the ideomotor phenomenon to blame?

Dim the lights, cozy up to your earbuds, and decide for yourself as you listen to numerous firsthand accounts of Ouija board experiences from Castle of Spirits website visitors, podcast listeners, and the show hosts themselves.

Alas, if you missed your chance to participate in the special, you can still submit your feedback through the Lounge to be read on a future episode. You can also submit your Ouija board story for others to read in our vast archive of true paranormal stories.

Listen to Episode 10 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast here.

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