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Three Men, a Baby, and a City of Ghosts - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep18

Updated: Feb 28

Some call Hollywood the city of broken dreams. But if urban legend is to be believed, it's really the land of restless souls and unforgiving curses. In this episode of the Castle of Spirits Podcast, we cast the spotlight on four true stories—the ghost of the Hollywood sign, James Dean's "Little Bastard," the haunting of Pickfair estate, and Jean Harlow's cursed home—that make the case for Tinseltown being the most supernaturally infested place in the world. We also delve into the lore surrounding the Three Men and a Baby ghost to answer the question: Did the spirit of a child really imprint itself onto celluloid for all the world to see? Listen to Episode 18 here.


Peg Entwistle (Wikipedia)

Is The Hollywood Sign Haunted?

The Haunting Story of James Dean’s Little Bastard

James Dean got a Speeding Ticket Here Hours Before His Crash (video)

Pickfair (Wikipedia)

Pickfair's Haunted Hollywood History

Pickfair Was The Estate Of Hollywood Royalty — Then ‘Ghosts’ Caused Its Downfall

Celebrity Ghost Stories (Pia Zadora)

How the Former Home of Actress Jean Harlow Became One of Hollywood’s Darkest Mysteries

Three Men and a Baby Ghost

Three Men and a Baby (Wikipedia)

Does a Ghost Boy Appear in 'Three Men and a Baby'?

Tom Selleck Sets the Record Straight on Three Men and a Baby's Ghost Boy (video)

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