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Top Hat Man, Runalongs and Triskaidekaphobia - Castle of Spirits Paranormal Podcast Ep13

Updated: Feb 28

The phenomenon of the Top Hat Man—known also in popular culture as Hat Man, the Smiling Man, and the Grinning Man—is one that bears serious discussion and consideration for anyone interested in urban legends, cryptids, and all things paranormal.

In episode 13 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast, ghostkeepers Vince and Jane dip their feet into the icy waters surrounding this fascinating figure of modern folklore, sharing three true stories of people’s close encounters with the mysterious hatted shadow being.

Is there any connection between the phenomenon and what are known as “runalongs”? And finally, why is it that so many people fear the number 13?

Listen to Episode 13 of the Castle of Spirits Podcast here.


The Top Hat Man (story)

Top Hat (story)

Mr. Cane (story)

The Smiling Man (article)

The Grinning Man/Indrid Cold (article)

Triskaidekaphobia, the Fear of 13 (article)

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