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This story was told to me by friends and grandparents.

In a small town of Kentucky there was this old war veteran. His legs were blown off in the war, and so the only way he could move around was by dragging himself around by his long long long nails. He was also a psycho. He would come around the town and disembowel people with his long long nails. So, because of this, the people were ordered to go inside at exactly 6:00 pm and lock their doors.

Well, one night a little girl asked her mom if she could go play at her friends house. The mother looked at the clock, it was 4:00. She told the little girl to be home by 5:45 because thats when "click-click" came out. The little girl agreed and was on her way. She played and played and I guess she lost track of time because when she headed home, it was already 5:48. She thought, no hurry, ill make it home on time. But that was when she saw the ice cream man. She bought one and by the time she really started to go home was 6:00. She observed people locking their doors and calling in there kids.

"Shoot, I’d better run". she thought. Finally she reached her street. But thats when she heard the noise, click click drag click click drag. It got louder and louder. She turned around to make sure he wasn’t there but he was. Meanwhile, her mother was inside getting ready for bed, she figured her daughter was already asleep so she decided not to wake her. Then she heard knocking and pounding on the door, she figured it was the click click an paid no attention. It was really her daughter though, wanting to come inside. The next morning, the mother opened the door to get her newspaper only to find her daughters body and in blood written on the tree was, "Mom why didn’t you open the door?"

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