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Ms. Maples From Naples

Chandra, Florida, USA

Back in the early sixties there was an elderly woman who lived in Naples and her name was Harriet Maples. She lived in a large beautiful house down-town. She was very religious and went to church every Sunday, so when she had been missing for a few Sundays her neighbours got concerned. A few of them decided to check on her, because when they really thought about it they hadn't seen her any where else in town for the past few weeks.

When the three of them approached the porch they realized the front window was broken and there was a dark substance smeared on the door knob. When they tried to enter the door was unlocked and easily creaked open. As soon as they entered the smell of death hit them full force. They made their way up the stairs and laying on the bedroom floor was the body of Miss Maple. She was horribly decayed and her dog was eating her. The worst part was that her fingers had been cut off. No one could figure it out. Then they realized she must have been a victim of a robber because things were missing and he had cut off her fingers to get her rings. They never found the robber.

Some people say that on the anniversary of her murder Miss Maples ghost can be seen inside the old abandoned house, with bleeding hands. They say she will be there until the robber is caught and her rings are returned.

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