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The Furry Collar


It was December 26, and my very dear friend, Sara, had just received a pair of new pajamas. They were so beautiful! They were red, but the red was very deep and rich, almost blood red. The best part was the furry collar. It was so soft, almost like clouds or real fur. I envied her so much because I wanted pajamas like hers. Her parents travelled a lot, business, and when they did, I would spend the night with her. I did it just to keep her company, but her parents also felt that it was better if she had someone there in case something happened.

On this particular night in December, her parents went to a Christmas party and would not be home until very late (like 4:00 A.M.), so, I packed some clothes and headed over to her house around 8:00 P.M.

When I got there, I rang the doorbell (you should know that she is always aware that I am spending the night, so she is always waiting by the door), but this time it took her quite a while to answer the door. When she finally did, she was wearing the new pajamas that I loved so much. The long, deep red sleeves reached out to her finger tips, proving that they were a little too big for her, and the rich red pants hung loosely around her feet so that I could not even see her toes.

When I got inside, I ran up the stairs to change into my pajamas. They were not as nice as Sara’s, but they were OK As I ran up the stairs, I got a funny feeling, like something was chasing me, but I always get nervous in her house. It’s so big and most of the time it’s mainly dark in most of the rooms.

When I got back downstairs, Sara put on a movie for us to watch. I love to watch scary movies at night, like Stephen King movies.( HINT: THAT’S WHY I’M ON THIS SITE!) Sara does not like those kinds of movies, so, since it was her house, we watched one of her movies.

Halfway through the movie, she offered to make popcorn. So, while she was in the kitchen, I kept on watching the movie. It was just getting interesting when, all of a sudden the TV changed channels! It was on the video channel, so it would have gone staticy if I had pushed the channel button. The new show that was on was very weird. It was pitch back, but I could hear a faint muffled sound. Then, a faint "THUMP, THUMP.". This repeated several times, but each time, it got softer and softer, like it was getting farther and farther away. After about 60 seconds, it went away and the movie was back on, like nothing had ever happened.

Sara came back with the popcorn, and I did not mention the "THUMP, THUMP." to her.

After the movie finished, we decided to head upstairs. I had totally forgotten the "THUMP,THUMP." As we slowly walked up the stairs, I noticed that feeling I had gotten the first time I walked up the stairs. I also noticed that my pace quickened, so did Sara’s. Before I knew what was happening we were running as fast as we could up to her room and did not stop until the door to her room was locked tight.

Smiling weakly to her, I tried to talk myself into telling me that it was just my imagination, but Sara was also running as fast as I was!

We sat on her bed and talked about anything other than what just happened. Everything was going OK, like nothing had happened, like everything was fine, until Sara jumped up as fast as she could, ran to the light switch, turned the lights out and and ran out of her bedroom door.

I sat frozen in fear, I could not move, I did not want to move. I just sat there, staring into the pitch blackness. Then, all of the sudden I heard a soft "THUMP,THUMP". My mind flashed back to the tape. It started to get louder and louder, instead of softer and softer. Then I knew. Something was coming up the stairs, so when I was downstairs, "IT" was going up, so it would sound softer. But this was coming up the stairs, so "IT" was getting louder. And louder! Then it stopped right outside Sara’s door. "Sara, is that you?", no answer. I finally got the nerve to stand. I walked to the door, thinking that Sara was just trying to scare me, or I was HOPING that she was. I don’t know what made me do it, but I decided to reach out and touch her, just to see if it was her. So, gathering up all of my strength I reached out my arm and touched those soft new pajamas. I almost fainted from relief, it was Sara.

"OK, Sara that was NOT funny! You almost scared the $@#%&* out of me!!! Sara? Sara?’ She was not answering me at all. She did not even move. I slowly made my way up the sleeve of her arm. Then I touched the furry collar. I was in a state of giddiness. I had to force my hand up past it, up to her neck, and then.....NOTHING!! There was only a bloody stump where her head was supposed to be!!!!

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