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The Hoofprints

Betsy, Arizona, USA

This story may not be known everywhere, but it’s told a lot where I come from.

I’ll start out by telling you about the setting.
It’s in the Arizona desert, mainly on a secret path that only two girls knew about. Their names were Janice and Susan.

Susan was a really good horse back rider. She had her own horse and rode it every day. She mostly rode with her best friend Janice, on a path only the two girls knew about.

One day, Janice had to go to the doctor and Susan was left to ride alone. She took the path, even though she knew it would be difficult without the two of them together. When Janice got home she called Susan only to be answered by her frantic mother who told Janice that Susan had not returned home and was missing.

At five o clock, cops searched the area, but Susan was nowhere to be found. Janice saw one way she could help. She snuck away and went on the path.

The path was long, and it was almost impossible to make it by herself. It was soon getting dark, and having no way to see, Janice went home to find a flashlight. When she got there, her parents refused to let her go outside again. She eventaully went to bed and then fell into a deep sleep, and had a disturbing dream.

She saw a beat up figure that looked like Susan, with her horse nearby. She couldn’t make out where she was at, and a familar voice said ," Janice! This wasn’t an accident. All the evidence is right here. I don’t know where I’m at, but I think I’m leaving......" Janice was suddenly jerked out of her sleep. It was still night, but she grabbed her jacket and a lantern and ran towards the path in hopes that she could still save her friend.

When she got there, it was raining hard, but a set of hoofprints where still visible, as plain as day. She followed them until she reached an old burnt down building with a fireplace still intact. It fell with a sudden crash and the horse Janice was riding threw her to the ground. She painfully got up and rode further. Towards another old shack that had also been burnt down, Janice closed her eyes in hope that this was all a dream. As she did that, Susans voice said," Don’t give up! If you can find the person that did this to me, I can go peacefully."

Janice opned her eyes and rode to a dried up river bed. She heard the whinney of a horse and realized it wasn’t hers. A track of hoofprints ahead of her suddenly stopped. She saw a horse standing and a sprawled out body in front of her. She got off her horse and ran to the body. It was the same person in her dream. She put the body on Susans horse and led both horses to Susans house where the police were still swarming the area.

Janice fell off her horse from exhaustion and went into another deep sleep. Susan came back, only this time, Janice could sense a feeling of warmth and peacefulness. She saw Susan smiling and was woken up by the sherriff. He took her to an awaiting ambulance and called another one to take away Susans body.

It turned out that some strange devil worshippers was responsible for Susans death.

In the newpaper Janice asked everyone not to mourn, because Heaven gained an angel.

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